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Name: Aescin
Origin: Aesculus hippocastanum L. Fruit
Spec: 20%---98.0%
Appearance: Brown to Light-yellow powder
CAS NO.: 6805-41-0
MW: 1131.26
MF: C55H86O24

1)Horse Chestnut Extract has demonstrated a variety of beneficial effects including anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, antiedema, venotonic
2) studies show alleviation of subjective symptoms of venous insufficiency such as pain, tiredness, tension or heaviness in the legs
3)Horse Chestnut Extract harbors anti-inflammatory properties which act as anti oxidants and help to protect your body from the harmful effects that free radicals can have by breaking down your body's cell walls.
4) Horse Chestnut Extract anti inflammatory properties, it has been used to treat hemorrhoids.
5) the horse chestnut seed extract has shown a wide variety of applications as a supplement.

Package: 1KG/bag 25KG/durm


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