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Aloe extract

Name: Aloe extract(Aloin, Aloe-emodin)
Origin: Aloe barbadensis Miller
Spec: Aloin20%--98% ,Aloe-emodin 98%
Appearance: Brown to light-yellow powder
CAS NO.: 481-72-1
MW: 270.2369
MF: C15H10O5
The active constituents for aloe's laxative effect are known as anthraquinone glycosides, which are converted by intestinal bacteria into aglycones. The active compounds responsible for aloe's wound healing properties are less well-described but are likely a combination of several saccharide molecules. When the leaf is consumed, the high fiber content of the plant has been shown to exert beneficial effects on cardiac disease risk factors by reducing blood levels of cholesterol, triglycerides and

Package: 1KG/bag 25KG/durm

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