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Vitamin E

Name: d-alpha tocopherol powder
Spec: 500iu-700iu
Appearance: tan-white granular powder
General Description: d-alpha tocopherol powder(500iu-700iu) is a tan-white granular powder having little or no odor or taste. d-alpha tocopherol powder(500iu-700iu) may oxidize upon exposure to air and light and protection from heat, from transition metals and from alkali is recommended. d-alpha tocopherol powder (500iu-700iu) is a concentrated form of natural mixed tocopherols derived from edible vegetable oils. This unique product is produced by spray drying d-alpha tocopherol powder (500iu-700iu) granules with gelatin, resulting in a free-flowing, granular powder. d-alpha tocopherol powder (500iu-700iu) is an essential nutrient and dietary supplement widely used in tableting. It is especially recommended in multivitamins and chewable tablets. It has minimal interactions with other ingredients commonly used in multivitamin products.
Package: 1KG/bag 25KG/durm


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