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Improve blood sugar


Aralia Mandshurica Extract

Name: Aralia mandshurica extract
Origin: Aralia elate(Miq.)Seem
Spec: Aralosides 20%---98%
Appearance: Yellow-brown powder
About the plant:
It is an upright deciduous small tree or shrub growing up to 6 m in height, native to eastern Russia,China, Korea,and Japan.In China it is known as Longya congmu, It prefers deep loamy soils in partial shade, but will grow in poorer soils and in full sun. The plant is sometimes cultivated, often in a variegated form, for its exotic appearance.
The bark is rough and gray with prickles. The leaves are alternate, large, 60-120 cm long, and double pinnate. The flowers are produced in large umbels in late summer, each flower small and white. The fruit is a small black drupe.

1.Aralosides has the function of strengthening body, anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer, anti-virus,protecting liver, dropping blood fat, lowering blood sugar etc, with the effects to allergy and cardiovascular system, and improve the body's hypoxia ability. Protecting liver and the role of anti-diabetic.
2.The root and bark of Aralia could be used in treatment of neurasthenia, rheumatism, diabetes,hepatitis and stomach cramps in countryside.
3.Certain function in anti-aging; the impact on the cardiovascular system. Aralia Saponins has a positive inotropic effect on normal rat myocardium in vivo.

Package: 1KG/bag 25KG/durm


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